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LEASE a BRAND NEW 5000lb Propane Forklift FOR ONLY $995 / Month ~ for a 1 YEAR Term!!

This is a limited offer for the GTA, and Southern Ontario Area Businesses ONLY

WAIT, IT GETS EVEN BETTER!. How about we pay 2 months for you! ~ So, you pay as little as $995 per month * with 2 months on us !!

* Terms and conditions apply.

The specs are as follows:
  • BRAND NEW 5000lb Value Pneumatic Tire Propane Forklift
  • Nissan K25 Hi-Power (dual fuel – gas and propane) engine
  • Automatic Transmission (TCM style) + Power Steering
  • 2 Stage wide-view, full-free lift mast with 118” height lift – (yes, it will go inside containers or trailers with no problem)
  • Operator Comfort Seat with safety seat-belt installed
  • Solid-Pneumatic tires – or Air tires, your choice, however you are responsible for flat tires or damage (if any)
  • 42” or 48” forks, your choice (longer forks available, just ask) installed
  • Side-shifter installed
  • LED headlamps, running lamps and LED strobe lamp installed
  • Fire Extinguisher installed
  • Safety inspection included
  • Oil changes and tuneups are also included during the term. This is truly a ‘turn key’ rental program.  

If you need different specifications, please discuss pricing and availability with your sales rep. You can choose a 5000lb cushion tire forklift (shown above) on the same terms and conditions as the listed forklift. You can also go to our other ad that features the cushion tire unit.

Of course, there are conditions of usage. Weekly usage is 25 hrs maximum (on average) with any additional hours charged at $5 / hour over allowance. We base the usage over the term and not on a weekly or monthly basis. Service Calls – Operator caused break-downs, dead batteries etc. are charged for at prevailing rates. Any, and all damages or extra usage will be assessed and charged at the end of the lease term.

* $2,000 security deposit required for all leases. Insurance certificate required.

* Lessee must pay 12 months rent and we will give a rebate cheque for the 2 months rental back, after the forklift is returned and inspected. If you choose the 24 month lease option, we will give you 4 months rental back on the same conditions as the 12 month contract…The forklift must be returned in acceptable condition (normal wear and tear is acceptable) and the hours usage to be within the limit or the overtime charges will apply. Monthly payments are to be paid by either credit card, or automatic deposit (debit) only. We do not accept payment by monthly cheque.


If you prefer, you have the option to purchase the truck at the end of the lease term.  In this circumstance, we do not inspect the forklift.

You have 2 options to buy the truck. The 2 options following cannot be combined or included with any other offers or rebates offered (as above).

  1. Get $2500 off the Original sales value of the forklift to purchase it. The pricing is published on our website,plus any extra options added when it was leased.
  2. Get $5000 off the Original sales value for a 2 Year lease, at the end of the term. Same terms as above.

This is truly a good deal! If you choose this option, we will not inspect the forklift, and it will be purchased an an ‘as is’ basis only. Any inspection, and / certification will be at the customer’s expense.

You can check the prices we offer @

If you would rather just lease-to-purchase the forklift you would like, just ask us for a quote on a lease. You will be pleased at our rates! 

This is a limited time offer to get a new forklift for less than the price of a beat up, and used unit. Act fast and reserve your forklift today!

CALL US AT 905-275-8072 ext 2 to talk to your representative. If you have any other forklift needs, give us a call and we can get you into a forklift that suits your needs. Please call us for a discussion.

If however you would like to have this fantastic offer through you own dealer, just have them give us a call. They can do it for you as well.
Thanks for your time!